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Ljutic PRO 3

Our PRO3 line offers a lighter more refined trap shooting gun that is very responsive on wide angle targets yet durable enough to still provide very low recoil. All PRO3 guns come with upgraded 4A English or American walnut and an Americase. PRO3 barrels are standard .740 bore and 34” length and barrels are configured with fixed or adjustable chokes. PRO3’s also come standard with our latest in pull trigger systems, “McCarthy Trigger”. This trigger was designed with the help of All American Pat McCarthy to provide a more consistent and responsive pull for the demands of trapshooting. Release triggers available for an additional up charge. PRO3 is available in all 3 fixed rib heights and offered in both of our adjustable rib designs. NEW ACCESSORIES: PRO 3 with screw in hinge pin and Ljutic internal flush mount or extended chokes for both blued or stainless PRO 3. Call for availability. $8,995.00

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